Safety: For the safety of yourself and others, do not swing putter carelessly or above your knees. Please pay attention and watch your step throughout the course; stay on walkways; do not attempt to climb any rockwork. Refrain from any horseplay or foul language.

Courtesy: Please allow smaller or faster groups to play through. Do not tee off until group ahead leaves the green.

Max. Group Size: Groups are limited to four players; larger groups are asked to split up accordingly on peak, busier times.

Tee Off: All players in a group hit their first shots, then proceed together to their second. The person with ball closest to hole putts first.

Stroke Limit: 6strokes per hole for each player.

Out of Bounds: Place ball back in play one club head from where it went out. Take 1 stroke penalty. If your ball goes in the water, do not attempt to retrieve it on your own. A replacement ball will be given; replace it where the ball went out and give yourself a one stroke penalty.

Obstacles: If side rails or obstacles prevent putting, you may move the ball one club head away.

We are OPEN!

(closing time indicates last tee time)

Tuesday 5/30 12pm-9pm

Wednesday 5/31 12pm-9pm

Thursday 6/1 12pm-9pm

Friday 6/2 12pm-11pm

Saturday 6/3 9am-11pm

Sunday 6/4 9am-10pm

(609) 398-1211
1132 Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ 08226

We are OPEN!

(closing time indicates last tee time)

Tuesday 5/30 11am-8pm

Wednesday 5/31 12pm-8pm

Thursday 6/1 12pm-8pm

Friday 6/2 12pm-11pm

Saturday 6/3 10am-11pm

Sunday 6/4 10am-10pm

(609) 823-1211
9312 Ventnor Ave, Margate City, NJ 08402